An open-source, cross-platform, n-channel diffusion system - built in SuperCollider

Developed by James Surgenor at
The University of Sheffield Sound Studios

Version 1.5.0

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What is a diffusion system?

Used to perform electroacoustic music, it allows an audio file, with any number of channels, to be played back over any number of loudspeakers - making huge 'surround sound' systems possible

Which channel from the audio file goes to which speaker can be configured and the volume of each speaker can be controlled independently

As SuperDiffuse is software, this makes changing these routings dynamically possible

Designed for concerts of electroacoustic music

Originally designed to run the Sound Junction festival of electroacoustic music, SuperDiffuse is based on the idea of concerts - create a concert and fill it with music

Using a patch-bay inspired system for routing audio, each piece can have its own route to the outputs - allowing mixed format concerts (stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 8, 16, 24, 32...)

During its first outing, Sound Junction (May) 2017, it ran the largest diffusion system the University of Sheffield Sound Studios had ever devised - 32in, 32out. Its first concert was a performance of Jonty Harrison's Going Places - a 32-channel, hour-long epic

Describe your system

Create an instance of SuperDiffuse, telling it three things: largest number of playback channels (input), number of outputs, number of control faders (MIDI or OSC)

// numIns, numOuts, numControlFaders